The new residence The Pearl in Saint-Raphaël

    3 rooms

    The new residence The Pearl in Saint-Raphaël offers 8 luxury apartments. Swimming pool. Garage. 2-room apartments — 319 000 euros 3-room apartments — 428 000 euros 4-room apartments — from 590 000 euros

    428 000 €

    New luxury residence in Saint-Maxim

    85 m2
    3 rooms

    New luxury residence in Saint-Maxim overlooking the bay of Saint-Tropez. Pool and large terraces. Designer bathrooms. Engineered solid parquet of Swiss or German brands Very close to the city center. Access to the seaside. Shuttles, which allow a direct access to Saint-Tropez, to the Islands of Hyères, to Cannes or to the Lerins Islands. 3-rooms appartament (from 85 m²) — from 1 234 000 € 4-rooms appartament (from 110 to 115 m²) — from 1 522 000 € to 1 595 000 €

    1 234 000 €

Real estate in Saint-Tropez. What does the local market have to offer?

Foreign investors are very interested in purchasing real estate in Saint-Tropez because it is one of the most popular resorts in France. It is hard to believe that only half a century ago, this place was a small fishing village while now it is a vibrant vacation spot.

Artistic intellectuals including painters, writers, and film directors, have all grown to love this peninsula. Slowly turning this secluded place into a place favored by the most elite people in our society. Countless world famous people have walked upon the streets and beaches here, making it the number one vacation spot for many actors, singers, politicians, and business people.

What could be better than strolling along the many trails of this peninsula and gazing upon the wondrous breathtaking sights? Or maybe you would like to sunbathe on the wide golden sand-covered beaches? This place is not only the perfect place if you wish to relax, but it is also the place to come if you’re looking to have some fun.

This city is brimming with bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and cabarets. It is always fun to spend money in one of these unforgettable places. Mind-blowing parties with wild dancing, karaoke, the buzz of tropical cocktails, vibrant shows, Champaign baths, and other exquisite delights are available for wealthy vacationers. The word ‘boredom’ is foreign to these people, as this is the place where you can always feel vigorous and young.

This place is unique for having the Old Town, which can be accessed through the many streets of this city. As soon as you step into the Old Town you become engulfed by a cozy, Romanesque atmosphere with cute little cafes under canvas umbrellas. There are many stands that sell fragrant herbs and spices, as well as workshops and stores full of hand-drawn pictures and handicraft.

Real estate in Saint-Tropez is a dream for many people, as it is very prestigious place to have your own house. Villas are especially popular among foreign investors. The majority of these villas have direct access to the beach or can have a picturesque view of the bay. Living in the villas is such a delightful experience with its beautiful architecture, well-groomed gardens, spacious porches, and lovely pools.

Some of the estates even have their own vineyards and wineries. The prices of elite houses on this peninsula vary depending on their land area, location, and the size of the building. A small family cottage can be purchased for as little as 1 million Euros while a luxurious villa or a castle may cost from 3 to 35 million Euros.

High prices on real estate in Saint-Tropez are dictated by the elite nature of this resort and its residents. Apartments in modern residential estates that are located near the sea are also very popular. Cozy studio apartments cost around 150-180 thousand Euros; two-room apartments go for 200-350 thousand Euros, and the price for three-room apartments starts at around 300 thousand Euros.

French Riviera Realty would like to offer you real estate on the Cote d’-Azur in Saint Tropez and other cities of the Riviera. We have collected a vast database of real estate offers and will surely find a suitable option that you wouldn’t be able to refuse. Call us, as it is a high time to purchase property on one of the most popular vacation resorts in the world!