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    86 m2
    4 rooms
    7 m2

    For rent: Brand new four-bedroom apartment in a gated residence with a pool, park, and sea view in the quiet, green neighborhood of Fabron.

    4 200 € / month

Apartments for rent in Cannes — How to rent in the Capital of the French Riviera

If you want to spend time in the resort town famous for its luxury and wealth then renting an apartment in Cannes is a great opportunity to make your dreams a reality. You may even run into your favorite actors while walking the Promenade on your way to the most pristine beaches.

The length of the resort town located in southern France; on the shores of the Gulf of Napoule; is 5 miles from La Bocca to Fourcade cliffs. The climate here is mild with an average annual temperature of 60°F. In the summer the temperature rarely rises above 80°F, which makes your stay not too hot and very comfortable .

If you enjoy spending time in lively surroundings and lots of people socializing in the streets then you should rent an apartment in Cannes on the Promenade de la Croisette. This area is the heart of Cannes with amazing restaurants, luxury shopping, Casinos and multiple entertainment venues. There are also street entertainers who interact with tourists and locals making everyday a fun and unpredictable experience.

Every year thousands of people come to rent an apartment in Cannes. May is the busiest season when the international Cannes Film Festival is held. The Palme d’Or, red carpet, and famous actors attract tourists from all over the world making them come to catch a glimpse at the lifestyle and excitement. The city is famous not only for the International Film Festival but also for its entertainment for everyones taste and budget. In addition to casinos, bars, restaurants and night clubs, you can visit the Musée de la Castre( which keeps ancient treasures of the Mediterranean Sea); the Musée de la Marine, and the Centre d’art La Malmaison(which will please fans of contemporary art). If you enjoy water sports, we would recommend you renting an apartment in Cannes close to the beaches of Bocca or Midi. The cost of an apartment will depend on the proximity to the sea. The presence of shops and cafes are within walking distance to where the housing is situated.

The experts at French Riviera Realty will provide you with a suitable option that will fit your preferences and requirements. Our experts will give you legal advice on the preparation of all documents.