123 m2
    4 rooms
    120 m2

    Apartment 123 m² and 120 m² of terrace overlooking the sea, parking on −1 floor. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, ...

    By request

Apartments for Rent in Monaco — An amazing experience in the secluded paradise of the French Riviera

If you are interested in renting an apartment in Monaco, you can do it with the help of French Riviera Realty. Renting an apartment is a good alternative to staying at a hotel. Many people prefer to rent as opposed to staying at a hotel, because it is a more personable feeling and you can also save money.

This tiny principality is a gem of the French Riviera attracting many tourists as a result. Monaco is home to the most famous European Casinos, entertainment venues, beautiful scenery and beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. The infamous Formula 1 races take place once a year in Monaco bringing in tourists and Locals alike. The state is created for not only relaxing but entertainment as well. In Monaco you can find things to do for all types of budgets ranging into the extravagant lifestyle. This appeals to all types of status quo intriguing celebrities wanting to spend their fortune.

The demand for renting an apartment in Monaco is high, so if you are thinking about renting it best to choose the property of your liking in advance. The experts at French Riviera Realty will help you choose the best housing to meet all your requirements. We have vast experience in the market and can book whatever property desired very quickly. By letting us help you in your stay here, you can relax knowing we are taking full responsibility for the operations relating to the transaction. Forget the hassle and stress. Our customers are always satisfied with the promptness and efficiency of our work.

When the final decision to rent an apartment in Monaco is made call us and tell us your desires. A vacation in Monaco will be unforgettable, something you will remember forever. Some people even say that Monaco is just as magical as Paris.

The city consists of four districts. Monte Carlo is the heart of gambling and night life; Monaco Ville (Old Town) is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage; Fontvielle and La Condamine are the business centers of the Principality.

It is fair to say that this country is one of the most exotic European countries in the world. Its history began in 1215 with the founding of the Genoese fortress, and now this unusual city-state is the most populous place in Europe despite the fact that its area is about two square kilometers, and it takes you just one hour to walk from one end to another.

During your vacation make sure to visit the Monte Carlo Casino. It is the oldest gambling house in Europe opened in 1862. It is a luxurious palace, famous for its wonderful Opera House. The area around the Casino is known as the Golden Mile where all the luxury shopping is located with the most famous and notorious luxury brands.

We recommend you visit the following attractions: The Napoleon Museum; The Prince’s Palace and its archive; Saint Nicholas Cathedral,; The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, as well as Japanese Exotic gardens. Do not forget about the golden beaches and water sports in Monaco. You can also escape from the bustling city and go to the snow-capped Alps. Monaco has a rich cultural life and regularly hosts concerts, theatrical performances, various exhibitions, and festivals.

Everyone that visits Monaco wants to rent an apartment for their next stay. Don’t hesitate to do the same and let French Riviera Realty handle everything so you can have one of the greatest vacations of your life.