Villa in a closed residence in the center of Beaulieu

    200 m2
    7 rooms
    700 m2

    A very rare offer on the market. Beautiful villa in a gated community in the center of Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Walking distance to beaches, restaurants and shops.

    2 700 000 €

    Villa in the most beautiful closed and secure residence

    200 m2
    6 rooms
    800 m2

    Charming villa in the most beautiful closed and secure residence - Les Hauts de Vaugrenier, with a large park, Olympic swimming pool, restaurant, village with beginnings and lakes in the residence.

    2 300 000 €

    141 m2
    6 rooms
    800 m2

    Recently built in 2018 in Nice Pessicart, this house is in perfect condition and offers a luxurious living space of 140 sqm and a spacious ...

    920 000 €

    116 m2
    5 rooms

    A completely renovated house in 2022, measuring 116 square meters, spans over two floors and offers breathtaking views of the Royal Mougins golf course. ...

    840 000 €

Seven Reasons to Purchase Your Own House in France

Many foreigners dream of buying a house in France, and this desire is an understandable one.

  • Real Estate in France Reflects Stability and Success

By buying real estate on the French Riviera, in Paris or Provence, you are not only making your dreams come true, but you are also investing in a profitable business. France is listed among the European leaders on various parameters. Here you will find the most visited cities in the world with its celebrated seaside resorts its amazing vineyards. It is the world’s biggest wine producer and far ahead of any other major competitors.

France is one of the leading industrialized countries with a good environmental situation, favorable climate and rich historical heritage. It attracts people who like beautiful nature, history and a high standard of living. Your own cottage on the prestigious French Riviera is an indicator of success and prosperity.

  • Paths of Aristocracy

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year, the French Riviera attracts millions of visitors. They are captivated by the natural diversity, a large number of attractions, plenty of entertainment and high-quality service. It’s no wonder that in the past, the French coast was always a favorite place of royalty and the European aristocracy. So many generations have passed though the Promenade des Anglais in Nice and the streets of Cannes!

This country has more than 40 thousand ancient castles and many other natural architectural attractions. Most are included in the UNESCO heritage list. The selling of villas in France is a very in demand service. If you buy a house here, you are able to go on a vacation to explore the different parts of the country any time you want.

  • A Variety of Resorts

South of the country is a paradise for people that love beach holidays, boat tours and entertainment. Antibes, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Menton, Nice and the other cities of the French Riviera offer a high quality of living. In addition to the coastal area, there are many ski resorts that attract tourists from all over the world. Here you can soak up the sun on the beach in the morning and in the evening ski down the slopes of Courchevel!

  • Travel Across Europe

The country has a very advanced transportation system, which allows you to quickly and easily move between towns. France is situated in the center of the road network and this gives great opportunities for travel. From the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can get almost anywhere in the world. And the Aéroport Nice Côte d’Azur receives millions of travelers each year.

  • Prestigious Education

France is in the top five most popular countries for foreign students. Their number reaches 10 million. The universities of the country are famous for their innovative teaching, and French diplomas are highly regarded in the world.

  • Paradise for Successful People

The local health care system is one of the best in the world, and the life expectancy of the people living here is higher compared with that of other European countries. If you decide to buy a house in Provence, you will be welcomed into France with open arms! Many wealthy people from neighboring Germany and Belgium seek to move to the southern regions of the country. Seniors citizens are attracted by the healing climate, moderate rhythm of life and high living standards.

  • Feel at Home on the French Riviera

There are a lot of different cultures in the country. Most major cities have Russian schools and other schools that cater to different traditions. On the territory of the state you may find many Orthodox churches and Russian cultural centers. The most popular place among Russians is the French Riviera. Several thousands of Russians have villas and apartments there. When buying a villa in France, there are great chances to have your compatriot as a neighbor.

Experts at French Riviera Realty are happy to help you find the French house of your dreams and will close the deal within the shortest possible time.