«Domaine la Belle Romaine» is a real estate private property made up by 11 single family villas with swimming pools and gardens. ...

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Villas for Sale in Monaco — Conveniently Purchase Real Estate through the Agency

Many people seek to buy a villa in Monaco, because the Principality is a pearl of the French Riviera. This city-state is an amazing mix of vibrant nightlife, gambling, social events and quiet beach holidays. The mild climate allows residents and guests to enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout most of the year.

The Principality is quite small, and it takes just one hour to walk from one end to another. It is one of the most densely populated parts of the world. Today it is home to just over 38 thousand people, only five thousand of them are natives. Every year the resort is visited by a huge number of tourists a hundred times more than the number of residents!

Beautiful nature, plenty of attractions, gambling, and a variety of cultural events are integral features of life in the Principality. All this can become an essential part of life for anyone who decides to buy a house in Monaco. There are many types of festivals: circus carnival, festival of fireworks, art festival, TV fest, as well as an annual Formula 1 race. Various attractions include the Oceanographic Museum, Château Grimaldi (the residence of the ruling family). The Opera House here saw great performances from Fyodor Chaliapin, Enrico Caruso and Placido Domingo. All this is only a small part of all the treasures you can find in this famous resort.

The stylistic variety of villas is simply fantastic. Comfortable family bungalows are located side by side with stylish Art Nouveau buildings and aristocratic mansions. Everything one could wish for can be found in this unique Principality on the French Riviera. The only thing you need to take into account is that due to its small size, the number of apartments is very limited. To get exactly what you desire, you will have to contact our real estate agents in advance.

By making a purchase through our agency, you get rid of the hassle and paperwork. French Riviera Realty assumes all the troubles and liability associated with the processing of the purchase. Simply choose an apartment you want, have funds available and sign the contract. It’s that simple.

There are a lot of famous artists, businessmen and politicians that are among buyers of the real estate in Monaco. For this reason so many people call the Principality the «Star Eden.» Celebrities from all over the world buy houses in Monaco as well. When walking here, you may meet Paris Hilton, Monica Bellucci or other famous faces that come to gem year around.

Local authorities impose no limitations on the sale of residential real estate. In addition, Monaco has a very loyal tax system, so the economy receives large foreign investments, which brings wealth and prosperity to this country.